Tuesday, July 30, 2013

HTML: Tutorial 9 drop down menu's with clickable option and opening websites from drop down menu's

     Alright how are you feeling today? I am feeling great and I am sure you will be too after this tutorial. In the last tutorial we learned how to create a drop down menu. Now we are going to take another step and create another drop down menu but this time when we select an option , you will be able to direct to user to your website of choice!! If you haven't done the last tutorial I suggest you do it before using this tutorial unless you already know how to make a drop down menu.
   Alright open up your text editor and type in this code



Ok now lets break down this new code in steps. Since this is more "complex" then other subjects we tackled, we will break it down in another manner.
Ok now after reading the explanation carefully go to your test editor and type out this code. 

Now save this file as menulink.html and double click the file to open it. You should be able to click on the menu , select the option you want and then press the go there button to go to the selected website. Your screen should look like this

Now when I first learned this I made mistakes 2-3 times before I got it right.If it didnt work  make sure you typed everything exactly the way you see it. If it got to work Congratulations you have moved up from a beginner to now almost imtermediate. With all that you learned you can make a fun interactive website people will love. Ok there is more to learn comming up!! Your doing such a great job so far!!  Click here to go to Tutorial 10

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